Dreamstream Info

Dreamstream started in 2005, offering dedicated stream hosting solutions for internet radio startups.
We have always been interested in online virtual reality and the technologies that enable these virtual
clubs, businesses Opensims and HyperGrids to exist online, we’ve discovered a niche market of virtual
world broadcasters, DJ’s, musicians and clubs, live venues, art exhibitions and virtual radio stations.

High quality stream hosting at prices everyone can enjoy.

As well as offering our streaming services online, you’ll find Dreamstream stores through the MetaVerse.
Just search Dreamstream and teleport to one of our in-world stores where you’ll find our rental vendors.

Shoutcast, Icecast and AutoDJ streams, upgrade your listeners or music storage as your audience grows.

All streams are hosted on our high-end 1GBit network, dedicated servers, quad-core processors.
Choose the right radio control panel for your internet radio station. (WHMSonic & Centova Cast)

Dreamstream servers are hosted at our partner’s data-center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

If you’re hosting a WHMSonic or Centova Cast stream with Dreamstream.it
Rest assured, your internet radio is online and broadcasting around the clock.